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Here’s a solid video essay on the late Satoshi Kon’s editing techniques.
Satoshi Kon is a bit of an anime legend who has directed and wrote several great films including Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers and one of my favourites, Perfect Blue.

Filmmaker Magazine did a little write up on it, which is decent cinema website that I read every now and again. Tony Zhou also has several other video essays on various directors and techniques worth checking out if you’re learning about filmmaking.

Music Video Released

Over the weekend I released a music video I co-directed with a friend. We had finished it ages ago but hadn’t gotten around to releasing it properly. We decided to send it out into the world with a release party which was was fun. I ended up dancing a whole bunch and kicked a door open for the first time in my life which felt pretty good. I definitely recommend trying it sometime.

The music video we made is for a song by a now broken up band which is a good lesson in finishing and releasing your work in a timely manner because life waits for no-one, least of all bedroom dwelling animators and filmmakers. It’s also hard to get that great feeling of accomplishing something when it’s been sitting around on a hard drive for months.

I learnt a buttload making it and had a lot of fun but never want to spend this long on such a small project again. Got to power through!!!

Anyway check it out! It features my 3 legged cat fritz.

Merrygorounds Music Video #1

I’m currently working on a music video for the band Merrygorounds which is fronted by my housemate Oscar, who is also co-directing. I won’t give away what happens in the video but it is a half live action and half animation hybrid that involves spacecraft, cats and laz0rs.

We have shot most of the live action pieces and are onto hardcore set construction and animation, which we’ll be shooting our first of tonight.


Here are some shots we took at the beginning of production where you can see our massive level 6 professionalism at hand.