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New Studio!

Underground Animation has been down for a few days because I forgot to pay some bills, haha whoops.

I’ve been a bit absent on here lately because I’ve been moving into a new house(still no internet) and I’ve also found a cheap studio to move into. It’s been a while since I’ve had a studio. I’ve just been working away in my bedroom for the last few years. While I’m a firm believer in working wherever you can (not having a studio isn’t an excuse not to get shit done), having a place outside your bedroom to go and work is really nice. But y’know if for some reason I can’t pay studio rent anymore I’ll just find some other way to get by and make my film.

Here are some pics of my new work-space.



My film is progressing along pretty steadily. I’m still writing, fixing things and improving the screenplay. It’s definitely taking form. I’m about to start storyboarding so I’m researching aspect ratios and looking into the one I want to use and the look I want the film to have. It might seem like an insignificant decision but it’s essentially picking the way you’ll be framing your world and it’ll have aesthetic ramifications from the storyboard to the editing. I’ll write a post about that pretty soon.

In the meantime check out this great post on Monster Brains about an exhibition featuring the works of four of my favourite animators, Ladislas(Wladyslaw) Starevich (1882-1965), Jan Svankmajer (1934) and the Quay Brothers (1947). It contains a fascinating video detailing a lot of the work in the exhibition.

600full-wladyslaw-starewicz (1)Ladislas Starevich and his daughter Irene Starevich. The collaborated on several animation together from 1930-1958.

Hope you’re all kicking ass creatively.
-Hamish. S

New blog. New beginnings.


Hey everyone,

It’s been about a year since I put my last blog permianlacube.wordpress.com into hiatus. Since then a lot has happened, I had many low points and many high. I got depressed, had a breakdown, got dumped, got a bit better, partied, made new friends, made new art and had an exhibition or two.

I also moved to a new sharehouse in the rad northern suburbs of Melbourne and got a new bedroom studio happening. It’s pretty cramped but cosy.

Here’s my new bedroom studio.

I’ve also been VJing at a bunch of clubs, bars and raves. Which while pretty fun and exciting it has made me realise that it’s not what i want to do with my life, so after a gig this next Friday, i’m hanging up my pixellated beer stained gloves.

Playing a set at a DnB rave

Instead this next year I will be concentrating on 3 different things.

1. Work for myself: This means short animations, script-writing, art for exhibitions and sound design.

2.Work for other people: This means music videos for various bands, collaborations and the occasional commission.

3. Music: Songwriting, composition, bass guitar, singing, ableton, piano.

With all of these things I’ll be pretty busy but i’m going to constantly update this website several days a week.


1. I want to show my work, what i’m making, how i’m making it and why.

2. I want to showcase great alternative independent animations, great art, and i want to show YOUR work!(so get making and create some awesome stuff, i want to see it.)

3. To share resources for independent and young animators. Whether tutorials, books and articles I’ve found or tutorials I’ll write.