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Forever Alone Filmmaking Podcast with David Firth

A new Forever Alone Filmmaking Podcast is out with M dot Strange and Screamerclauz, featuring an hour interview with David Firth. You can listen to it through itunes here. Or download the wavs here. These podcasts are stacked full of information for people getting into solo or independent animation and filmmaking… and they’re really good to listen to while doing monotonous animation work.


David Firth is a legend in underground animation. He’s a prolific filmmaker producing over a hundred short animations and video artworks. He’s the creator of the Salad Fingers, Spoilsbury Toastboy and Burnt Face Man animations. I remember watching Firth’s work as a kid and it freaking me the fuck out.

Forever Alone Filmmaking Podcasts #6-8

Damn these guys pump these out fast. Here are the 3 new Forever Alone Filmmaking podcasts. Featuring your regular hosts M dot Strange, Screamerclauz and James Id along with guests Kial Natale, Dave4096 and Ricky Grove.







Forever Alone Filmmaking Podcasts #1-5

Solo feature animator juggernaut M dot Strange has released a bunch of podcasts on creating an animated feature by yourself. Featuring Jimmy ScreamerClauz, James Id and Edgar Nielsen, they discuss motivations, problems, tech, storytelling, resources and living the life of a solo auteur smashing out animation. It’s really interesting stuff and very rare to hear conversations with the few people in the world doing this.

It’s also not as depressing as it sounds ><

Episode #1


Episode #2


Episode #3


Episode #4


Episode #5