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Weekly Inspiration #1 Jojo in the Stars

Jojo in the Stars directed by Marc Craste has been one of my favourite short animations for some time. It’s simple yet¬†grimy¬†design really strikes a chord with me, not to mention the amazing sound design and just plain excellent storytelling. It really follows the list of priority of elements in filmmaking I try to follow;





Jojo in the stars was inspired by ‘The Carny’ by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, of the album ‘Your Funeral… My trial'(1986) which is one of my all time favourites.

It’s sad to hear that now Studio AKA who helped create Jojo in the Stars and another great short animation ‘Varmints’ are now mainly just doing advertisement work or less than original shorts. Such is one of the biggest traps of being a creative, the giant maelstrom of corporate work and the promise of money, ‘nice things’ and beautiful people who are attracted to nice things slowly sucking you in… but more on that topic later.

Now sit back and watch ‘Jojo in the Stars’