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I’ve finally finished my stint of full-time work and am back to part-time which means I’ve actually got time to work on my film, various projects and update Underground Animation regularly. It’s good to be back!

In my absence from creativity, I managed to make it to the Render Animation Conference which is part of the Melbourne International Animation Festival. The most interesting part of the conference was the panel discussion ‘How To Fund, Make & Distribute A True Indie Feature’ with Adam Elliot (AUS), Chris Sullivan (USA) and Elliot Cowan (AUS/USA). The three filmmakers discussed various aspects and experiences of their film-making process and dispensed a bunch of valuable advice to aspiring independent animators.

I’m pretty familiar with Adam Elliot’s work as he’s an independent animator/director from the city where I live (Melbourne, AUS). Chris Sullivan from Chicago came out of left field for me and was probably the filmmaker that resonated with me the most. I was previously unfamiliar with his feature film ‘Consuming Spirits‘ (2012) which took 12 years to make. From the segments he screened and talked about, the film looks startling, dark and intensely intriguing. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to see it yet but as soon as I do I’ll write up about it here. 

I’m really looking forward to seeing and talking about Sullivan’s work more as he’s an interesting character and he’s working on his second feature now. Here’s a sample nugget of wisdom from the filmmaker… “Making an animated feature is like making love and being stabbed to death at the same time”. Yup!

I also got to check out the projection of Botborg‘s ‘Principles of Photosonicneurokinaesthography’ at Kings ARI which was curated and shown by the Melbourne Video Art Society. “Botborg is an international audio-visual performance group that fuses and rewires raw electronic signals to create intensely visceral experiences of sound-colour synaesthesia.” Botborg use a custom analog electronic instrument called the ‘Photosonicneurokineasthograph’ to produce these intense abstract visuals. There’s also a great catalogue-essay ‘Collider‘ for the exhibition, on video abstraction written by MVAS by co-curator Diego Ramirez. Rad!

I’ve got a bunch of strange and rare independent animations I’ll be digging up and reviewing in the weeks to come, as well as more documentation of my feature film in progress.

-Hamish .S