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I’ve been making a comic zine called ‘CHIPS – A Tale of Lust’ in my spare time, mostly when I need a break from working on my animations. The zine is about a half-man half-seagull creature who has a sexual fetish for deep fried foods.chips togetherI’ve completed 3 issues so far and I plan to make 2 more to complete the series. When I’ve finished the 5 issues I’ll combine them into a bound book. I really enjoy making comics although I can’t draw very well. I think I’ll continue to make comics on the side of my other work for fun after CHIPS is finished. Creating comics is quite similar to animation and cinema, and a lot of the same knowledge and skills are used. There are some key differences though. If you want to get into making your own comics, I recommend Making Comics and Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud. Those two books helped me heaps in understanding the syntax and techniques specific to comic narratives.


Did I mention that all issues of ‘CHIPS’ unfold into A4 posters? YEAH THEY DO! You too can now have avian erotica on your walls!

My distributor Caldera Press will be selling CHIPS at Other Worlds Zine Fair this Saturday May 23 if you’re in Sydney. Otherwise I’ll update this post soon with an online store if anyone is interested :D

-Hamish .S

Starting My First Feature Animation

holy shit!

I’ve decided to finally start my first feature animation!!!

It’s a big step forward for me. I’ve wanted be a filmmaker ever since I was 13, and an animator since I was 16 and realised that I would need to turn to animation to create the kind of works I wanted. It’s been a long time coming, however I’ve only recently felt capable of actually accomplishing a work of that scale.

I won’t be able to start full-time production until early next year as I’ve still got to finish the short films and exhibitions I’ve got in the works and finally graduate from Art School. However I’m going to be reading a HEAP of books to get me prepared and writing the script which will take me a while to get right.

I’m feeling a mixture of terror and excitement at the prospect of making my debut feature. The fear is mainly the fear of failure, thoughts like “what if it’s a really bad film and I lack any talent whatsoever” are pretty constant. I’ve learnt not to listen to those voices though. Failure is a possibility, but if I fail I’ll just make another film and another until I get it right.

Even though I’ll be doing my best, I don’t expect my first feature to be the ‘best possible work’ I’ll EVER create. To paraphrase M Dot Strange; you have to treat your art like you treat people. If you meet a person and you think it’s the only person you’ll ever meet, you’ll be all clingy and weird and scare them off. However if you realize they’re one of many people you’ll meet, you’ll be more relaxed, honest and your relationship with them will be better. Same goes with art. Make the best art you can, but don’t be afraid to make choices. You can make more art if you get it wrong the first time ><

So what kind of feature do I want to make? Well here’s a few broad points I’m going to stick to.

  • I want to create personal cinema depicting my world view.
  • I want to create my own unique aesthetic.
  • I want to engage my audience yet not bend to mainstream notions and ideologies represented in “hollywood” or corporate controlled media. (This doesn’t rule out subversion of mainstream media.)
  • I want to create a project that will excite me enough to work on for 3-4 years.

One of the big reasons I’ve always wanted to be a filmmaker, was to create films I wanted to see, to somehow combat the vast expanding pool of SHIT that is the majority of mainstream media, to make someone sitting in a dark room somewhere feel something and maybe help them. I’m pretty invested in actually saying something or exploring something through my films. I don’t want my films to be purely entertainment, I want it to function on different levels too. Every film I’ve really enjoyed and every filmmaker who’s work I follow does this.

levitation hamish sI’m also learning to levitate so I can look through second storey windows at night.

-Hamish S

Music Video Released

Over the weekend I released a music video I co-directed with a friend. We had finished it ages ago but hadn’t gotten around to releasing it properly. We decided to send it out into the world with a release party which was was fun. I ended up dancing a whole bunch and kicked a door open for the first time in my life which felt pretty good. I definitely recommend trying it sometime.

The music video we made is for a song by a now broken up band which is a good lesson in finishing and releasing your work in a timely manner because life waits for no-one, least of all bedroom dwelling animators and filmmakers. It’s also hard to get that great feeling of accomplishing something when it’s been sitting around on a hard drive for months.

I learnt a buttload making it and had a lot of fun but never want to spend this long on such a small project again. Got to power through!!!

Anyway check it out! It features my 3 legged cat fritz.

Making A Music Video

I’ve taken a week out of my regular animation schedule to finish some uni assignments I needed to do and shoot my band for a music video.

As well as being a weirdo animator, I also play in two Melbourne bands; garage band Nun of the Tongue(who I’m making the music video for); and punk band Jennifer Anistön.

The music video shoot went pretty well. I hired out a blue screen studio and a bunch of pretty sweet equipment from my uni so the budget so far is under $100. The shoot was super simple; we just jumped around and played in front of the blue screen. We’re going for a rough D.I.Y feel which is good, cause that’s all i do.

photo by our lovely D.O.P Ashley Ronning

In post production we’re going to use a Fairlight CVI which is an ancient video synthesiser from the 80’s to do all these gross effects. We’re also ripping shitty old VHS tapes like ‘Short Circuit 2’ for some background footage. I predict it looking pretty fucking good.

Photo on 2013-06-05 at 12.44