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Ultra-Violent Anime – Sex, Blood and Political Incorrectness Pt. 1


This article is NSFW and contains all kinds of fucked up shit. If you’re easily offended go here.

Last night I was drinking with some friends in a bar and we got onto the subject of bad ultra-violent anime, often from the 80’s and early 90’s(as most new anime is super PC and tame). The conversation made me realise how much weird, fucked up anime i’ve seen and how I should share it here for any other weirdos out there who’re into it.

The anime on this list are for the most part, not the most amazing pieces of art. Most of them probably couldn’t even be described as ‘good’ or even ‘ok’ and they are littered with political incorrectness, misogyny and hardcore ultra-violence. The reason I find them interesting is partly because of how ludicrous, absurd and ridiculous they are. Most of them are so poorly written that they’re more comedic than anything. They’re also visually interesting, having been drawn purely by hand(mostly). They have an atmosphere and mood to them seldom seen these days, and they tend to trigger a nostalgia in me that only anime from the VHS era can.


Cyber City Oedo 808 (1990)


Cyber City Oedo is a 3 episode cyberpunk anime from 1990. It follows 3 hardened criminals who are working for the authorities to reduce sentence time from their imprisonment within an orbital penitentiary. Being a cyberpunk anime, the crimes these characters are forced to stop are all based around technology and humanity’s interaction with it.

The characters are interesting and their past is layered making this one of my favourite animes on this list. The art is vivid and well done, and the world is well thought-out and atmospheric. On top of the characters not objecting to a bit of the old ultra-violence, they swear like syphilitic sailor trash making the dub is pretty much the best thing ever.

“You wouldn’t recognize a goddamn vampire if one jumped up and bit you on the end of your fucking dick.”

Quality: Excellent

You Should Watch This If: You’re into dark violent cyberpunk with a 90’s feel.


Violence Jack (1986-1990)


Violence Jack was originally a manga written by Go Nagai who is famous for such works as ‘Devilman’. It was turned into a series of 3 OVAs from 1986 to 1990.

Violence Jack is set in a post apocalyptic wasteland where the human survivors are divided into groups of the strong, often commanded by psychopath killers and rapists; and groups of weak regular people who are often prey for the strong. A giant humanoid is uncovered from rubble in an underground city. He’s wields a jackknife the size of a regular human’s torso and is uh… violent…. so he calls himself ‘Violence Jack’ and starts his journey.

The narrative pretty much revolves around Jack being petitioned by weak groups to save them from the rapists and murderers which are pretty common. How these people have even survived up until this point is anyone’s guess. Violence Jack is completely evil yet he tends to side with the weak groups to murder and dismember the strong which he does with much pleasure. And that’s pretty much it, Violence Jack is a pretty fucking dumb animation with wooden characters and a basic plot, however the ridiculous amounts of gore and violence, along with terrible dialogue makes it worth watching for the humour and morbid curiosity if nothing else.

Go Nagai pretty much made the Violence Jack OVAs to piss off censors. And piss them off it did, with Violence Jack having a long run in with censorship. There were large cuts on the Violence Jack OVAs when being released to western audiences in the UK, USA and New Zealand having up to 5min of footage cut from each episode. In 1997, the already cut UK version was submitted to the Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification and was refused a rating. Once again the dogs at the Australian Office of Film and Literature Classification(now incorporated into the Australian Classification Board) censor anything remotely abject or immoral to ‘protect’ us easily influenced adults, making Australia one of the most censored developed countries in the world.


Quality: Insanely fucking stupid.

You Should Watch This If: You’re into dumb ultra-violence in a post-apocalyptic setting.


Mad Bull 34 (1990-1992)


Mad Bull 34 is a manga series by Kazuo Koike that was adapted into a 4 part OVA series from 1990 to 1992. It follows Daizaburo Eddie Ban who joins New York’s toughest precinct, the 34th. Daizaburo is partnered with John Estes, also known as ‘sleepy’ or ‘mad bull’. Mad Bull is incredibly reckless and violent, often shooting petty criminals to death, pimping, and destroying property. He often gets into disputes with the straight arrow Daizaburo over his behaviour, however Mad Bull’s heart seems to be in the right place(if the right place is street executions) and he tries to help the weak and defenseless with his actions.

Mad Bull 34 is a display of violence, police brutality and sexism; however it’s largely a comedic play between two ill suited partners. Some of the situations they get in are ridiculously over the top, such as a scene where Mad Bull and Daizaburo get trapped under a hail of gunfire on a water tower. Mad Bull then pulls down his pants and shows a cluster of grenades tied to his pubic hair. He then proceeds to rip them off and throw them at the enemy while crying.

Quality: Insanely fucking stupid… and funny.

You Should Watch This If: You enjoy watching police brutality with an early 90’s flair.


Genocyber (1994)


Genocyber is a 5 part OVA series from 1994. It is set in the near future and follows a young girl named Elaine who is is dragged into a mad scientist’s ambitions to combine her psychokinetic powers with that of her sister Diana’s; to awaken a Genocyber. A Genocyber is a biological weapon in the form of a large monster that has vast telekinetic and pyrokinetic powers, which is being created by the Kuryu Group(a military research mega-corporation).

genocyber mutilation

While not being the most amazingly executed anime I’ve ever seen, It is one of the most ultra-violent and gore filled spectacles ever animated and is possibly the only anime on this list that isn’t overtly misogynistic. It depicts intensely brutal death and torture on a mass scale. Genocyber also crosses the unspoken line of depicting a child getting seriously injured or killed. It’s almost as if the creators want us to vomit up our lunch while watching this. Sadistic bastards!

Quality: Ok, but not great.

You Should Watch This If: Your morbid curiosity gives you the desire to watch some of the most disgusting stuff ever animated. Yum!


Wicked City (1987)

wicked city

Wicked City is an animated feature from 1987, adapted from a novel of the same name. It takes place at the end of the 20th century in Tokyo, however there is another ‘Black World’ full of monsters and demons nearby. There has been peace for years between this world and the ‘Black World’ with a treaty having to be re-negotiated between them every few hundred years so widespread war won’t break out. The story follows Taki Renzaburo, a human ‘blackguard’ who’s job it is to protect our world from demons. He gets an assignment to guard an important dignitary until he can sign the new treaty between worlds. Taki is assigned a partner Makie, a woman from the ‘Black World’. A whole lot of radicals from both sides of the faction then proceed to try and kill the dignitary they’re charged with keeping safe.

wicked city claw

Wicked City like many in this list, contains high levels of misogynism, rape and violence towards women which makes it difficult to watch. It is also animated really really well. The shot’s are artfully composed and this fucked up world really comes to life throughout the film. The characters tend to be your standard fair neo-noir lot, the disgruntled worldly main protagonist and femme fatale who isn’t as tough as she seems etc. etc.

Despite the lack of great characters or interesting dialogue, the imagination gone into the world and the monsters that inhabit it is amazing. One of my favourite scenes in the film is where Taki is taken home and having sex with a beautiful women he’s been interested in for months, only to have her turn into a spider-like monster with clawed vagina who tries to bite his dick off then scuttles out of the window hissing “I got what I came for”.

Quality: Looks great but the story is lacking.

You Should Watch This If: You’re into fucked up monsters and the occult and can sit through some absolutely disgusting rape scenes.


Stay tuned for part 2.

-Hamish .S