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Kathleen Hanna on Creating, Being Sick of Your Own Voice and then Getting Over It

Here’s a really great interview with Kathleen Hanna(Bikini Kill, Le Tigre) about her experience dealing with audience, criticism, when to let go, how she’s already ‘shown her pimply butt’ to everyone and how that is in a sense freeing and something you must do as an artist.

She also talks about being ‘sick of her own voice’ as a creator, which I found really interesting as I’ve felt like this myself and have never heard anyone really talk about it. As a creator your voice is a loud one and you are constantly working with it through whatever medium you chose, in my case cinema/animation. It can get really tiring seeing your own work, and hearing what you’ve got to say over and over as you refine it. It is one of the reasons your own work will never seem as exciting as that of another artist’s you enjoy. But that is something you must push through as an artist or creator.

Although Kathleen Hanna is a musician, the issues she talks about are universal and applicable to many other arts as well. I recommend giving it a read.


-Hamish .S