New blog. New beginnings.


Hey everyone,

It’s been about a year since I put my last blog into hiatus. Since then a lot has happened, I had many low points and many high. I got depressed, had a breakdown, got dumped, got a bit better, partied, made new friends, made new art and had an exhibition or two.

I also moved to a new sharehouse in the rad northern suburbs of Melbourne and got a new bedroom studio happening. It’s pretty cramped but cosy.

Here’s my new bedroom studio.

I’ve also been VJing at a bunch of clubs, bars and raves. Which while pretty fun and exciting it has made me realise that it’s not what i want to do with my life, so after a gig this next Friday, i’m hanging up my pixellated beer stained gloves.

Playing a set at a DnB rave

Instead this next year I will be concentrating on 3 different things.

1. Work for myself: This means short animations, script-writing, art for exhibitions and sound design.

2.Work for other people: This means music videos for various bands, collaborations and the occasional commission.

3. Music: Songwriting, composition, bass guitar, singing, ableton, piano.

With all of these things I’ll be pretty busy but i’m going to constantly update this website several days a week.


1. I want to show my work, what i’m making, how i’m making it and why.

2. I want to showcase great alternative independent animations, great art, and i want to show YOUR work!(so get making and create some awesome stuff, i want to see it.)

3. To share resources for independent and young animators. Whether tutorials, books and articles I’ve found or tutorials I’ll write.



  1. aline lin lin

    excellent u r back!!! Just yesterday i remember ur old blog and wondering why i didn’t know anything about u anymore.
    Now leme see how can i add this to a newsletter mail…. in order to know when u post something.

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