Getting Stronger in Your Art Through Research

I’ve been on a pretty brutal reading regimen in preparation for production on my first feature animation. I’m essentially reading 2 texts at once and I’m trying to do over an hour of reading a day on just my own theory. I’m trying to keep the texts pretty broad as I believe that to make great art it helps if you have interests in varied things. I tend to talk to a lot of animators who are ONLY interested in animation, to designers who are ONLY into design etc. While this passion is great you also need to know things outside of the medium to bring to your chosen artform. This will make your work much stronger and your life better!!!


Aw sheeet! Check out this pile of knowledge! 

Some texts you’ll come across can be really demanding and it can be difficult to grasp the concepts in them. You should feel free to slow down and really think when reading these. Don’t feel stupid! Stick with it! It’s not easy for me either but the more you struggle through the better you’ll get and the easier it’ll become.

I went on a trip for art school a week ago and some discussions got me thinking about different ways of making art and how it relates to people like me. To simplify things to a great degree, there are two major reasons for making art. The first is to explore ideas and notions; art that works as a sort of plastic philosophy(thinking with things). The second is more about the materials or forms themselves, and how they are utilised and experienced. Of course no artists needs to exist solely in either category and most don’t. Thinking about this notion has highlighted the fact for me that although experience in my work is very important(such as my obsession with creating ‘mood’), the real base of what I want to do with my animation lies in exploring ideas and concepts through narrative. I guess thinking on it has really got me motivated to read and teach myself more and think about things in general.

Also, I’ve been working for a couple of weeks on a music video for my band so hopefully I’ll put that up in the next two days!!!


-Hamish .S

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