Everything I Can See From Here

‘Everything I Can See From Here’ is a short animation from The Line, directed by Sam Taylor and Bjorn Aschim.

The story is quite simple which tends to be one of the limitations of a short film. Within that simple story, they manage to give the protagonists distinct unique characters which is rare for a short. I could also harp on for ages about the technical aspects of this film that make it stand out, like the amazing use of colour, lighting, movement and texture; but I’m going to concentrate on another aspect.

The mood that was created by all these elements really sold this work to me and engaged me. I’m going to stay away from terms such as mise en scène as the definition is vague at best, however it could also be used to describe the aspect I’m talking about. The mood that was created, made this world feel visceral and easy to suspend my disbelieve about the artifices of animation. Even though the world is clearly not real, It allows me to be engaged as if it were so, even more so.

How did they create this mood? Well… tbh I don’t really know the full answer to that. It’s definitely to do with the skillful combination of visual aesthetics, attention to detail within the world, and sound-scape design; but I can’t or break down any particular reason why it creates this response in me.

It’s my goal this year to really begin to nail down a personal style which I can use to create mood in the worlds of own works, so I’ll definitely be studying works like this and Angel’s Egg.


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